Don’t forget past and give people happiness

Everyone must know the past. People must not forget their history. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is not problem. Albert Einstein said: “Everyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.” We should think about our mistakes and try not to repeat it in the future. Our mistake may be the reason of our disappointment but we must try to reclaim this. Don’t worry about saying “Sorry”. If you don’t think about our mistake made in the future, it is possible to repeat it in the future.


Children must know where their parent stop, because they continue their business. Otherwise they must start from basic (zero) and they lost time. Let’s think about our history, live with present and prepare and plan the future. Give people happiness and try to make life beautiful from them.

Again and again. Don’t worry about past but don’t forget it. Try to reclaim them. If you didn’t give happiness somebody and you feel disappointed about it, try to give happiness him/her in the near future. After this both will be happy.


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