Youth Worker Development – Nicosia, Cyprus

21-28 April of 2015 there was an Erasmus+  project in Nicosia, Cyprus. Name of the project was “Youth Worker Development”. Participants were from Cyprus, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and Croatia.

It was my second project I have ever taken part and I think it was one of the best project I have ever participated. Everything is well organized. When we arrived in Nicosia by bus, one of organizers took us to Altius Hotel, which is very good place. Staff of the hotel is very friendly and professional. There is everything in the rooms what you need.


Let’s talk about participants. I want to write much about them but I try to say everything  in succinct. All of them are friendly and all of them were trying to give happiness to each other. They are very kind, cute, lovely people. I want to say “Thank You” to Cypriot one because one day they took us to another city, Limassol, by their cars. I miss all of them, but I also hope to meet them again sooner or later.


There were the best trainers also. All of them treat us as their friends and had fun with us. They were not only trainers, they were and are our best friends. Christina. Nicolas, Giorgos, Panayotis all of them did their best for us. They were trying to do everything for our comfort.


I still have emotions from Cyprus and I miss that place and that people very much, but it is life. We are keeping in touch via social media and we all hope to meet each other sooner or later. We are one team with one passion, with big opportunities and full of love. Finally, when I arrived at home I wanted to make a video about that project and I made it using Windows Movie Maker. Here it is. 


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