Respect It, Then Live It.

In 21-30 November of 2015 there was an Erasmus+ project in Triscina, on Sicily. Name of project was “Respect It, Then Live It”. Participants were members of NGO’s of  different countries. There were participants from Ukraine, Latvia, Italy and Georgia. Name of Georgian NGO is “Club Of Masters In Economics”



The topic of project was about environmental issues. People from different backgrounds were discussing about problems and solutions of environmental issues in their countries. It was interesting, because all participants were sharing their ideas to others.


Despite this, there were intercultural nights, where each country introduced their culture, cuisine, and nature and etc. to others. During this project there were a lot of interesting tours in different parts of Sicily. All participants made this project interesting with lots of fun.


Finally, we all succeed in our mission. We made one step forward in building huge community of youngsters, which can change the world. After project we are still friends and we hope that we will visit each other in their countries and we will meet again in future.


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