Hello people who are interesting in this post. Today, in the century of technology, most of young people try to find jobs as freelancers. In this post, I will try to be succinct in explaining why is freelancing good.

Firstly, it seems comfortable when you are at home and work remotely. What are benefits of this ? First of all it is very comfortable if you can to relax when you want, it is totally impossible at office. At work you are obliged to be 8 hours from 10:00 till 18:00 or different range (it doesn’t matter).

Then, everyone has a private life besides career and job. Sometimes there is an urgent situation when you have to leave office and be with family or solve private problem. At work it is very uncomfortable to ask to your boss about leaving office because you have a private problem. As a freelancer, when you work remotely you can leave working any time you are in a trouble and continue it later, maybe at midnight.

Finally, I think freelancing is new challenge of young people. Being freelancer helps us to be known not only our country but also abroad. It helps us to know different people and to do good thing not only locally but globally.


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